NOCO5 Northern Colorado Hemp Expo

NOCO5 Hemp Expo a Huge Success!

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A Premier Event For The Hemp Industry

The Northern Colorado (NOCO) Hemp Expo bills itself as the most “comprehensive hemp exposition and trade show on the planet.” Now in their 5th year, the 2018 gathering made for a very convincing argument in support of that claim. Packed crowds braved chilly weather to experience everything you could think of across the universe of hemp: From soil additives (a “microbial inoculant”, in fact), geneticists, and combine manufacturers, to custom extraction equipment, lab testers, patent lawyers, insurance companies, hemp clothing, hemp art (including 3D printed hemp-bioplastic), and every kind of hemp food imaginable.

In Good Company

Just in the immediate area around our 710 Spirits booth were an all-natural CBD dog treat maker, a high-volume hemp-bioplastic packaging company, and a lovely crew of ladies selling CBD creams and tinctures. In addition to the 138 different vendors, guest speakers and informative panels went on throughout both days covering topics like the legal state of hemp industries nationwide, hemp marketing, and the usefulness of cannabinoids in pro sports.

So Many Innovators

In between explaining the merits of 710 Spirits to hundreds of expo-goers, we got to visit with some awesome companies working with hemp and/or CBD.  It was great to see the folks at Ambary Gardens, Lilu’s Gardens, and Lab Society. Cannabinoid Creations featured several CBD sodas, including “Cartoon Cereal Crunch” that tastes just like the milk leftover at the end of your childhood bowl of cereal; needless to say, their inventory was bought up early into the expo. Kat’s Naturals has a sweet new CBD vaporizer to go with their line of cartridges, and Colorado Hemp Honey showed off a delicious variety of CBD-infused flavors of honey they make down in Parker. We got to chat with North Carolina-based Deutche Process, who build custom manufacturing machines. They were showing off their displayed solvent recovery vessel for the Expo, but they do all kinds of builds including all the equipment for our real-world neighbors New Terrain Brewing!  Will Power got everyone’s attention by bringing in (no joke) a dude in a jetpack to fly a loop and help promote their line of CBD-infused protein powder; mad points to them for keeping things exciting.

Don’t Miss Next Year

With so many vendors at the show, it’s impossible to list everyone so make sure to check out the NOCO website for more info. We were just stoked to be there to share more info about 710 Spirits and meet some of the impressive people who are bringing tremendous passion and innovation to the world of hemp. It was an amazing convergence of classic and cutting-edge businesses all looking to build an exciting future around one of the most versatile crops in the world. We’re sure that people will be clamoring to lock in their spot for next year so make sure to keep an eye at for info about next year!

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