Upcoming National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA) Events

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The CannaBiz community is a growing phenomenon, and we here at 710 Spirits are grateful to be a part of it! With any new and growing industry, there is always a need for organizations to lead and unite the businesses within it. We are lucky that in the cannabis industry there are numerous organizations that are doing an incredible job of that! The National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA) is one of the largest and most influential groups responsible for organizing and resourcing those of us in the business!

What We Learned at NCIA’s Seed to Sale

So what are we up to with the NCIA here at 710 Spirits? Well, for starters, earlier this year we attended and exhibited at their Seed to Sale show here in Denver, CO. The show was an amazing experience for our team and the thousands of attendees who got to experience it. From the beginning of the show, we were impressed with how the event was run. In an industry often fraught with disorganization and poor planning (a downside of being on the ground level in any venture), the NCIA’s team was professional and organized down to the finest details. In addition to being run like clockwork, the Seed to Sale show was full of highly informative content! Our team enjoyed the speakers series, where we heard talks from leaders in everything from cultivation to extraction.

The Next Big Thing from NCIA

Our experience was so stellar at Seed To Sale that we knew we had to be a part of the upcoming Cannabis Business Summit. We signed up for the next show right from the expo floor. So, this week at 710 Spirits, we’re getting ready! Next week we’ll be exhibiting at the Cannabis Business Expo (Booth 936) where we’ll have the chance to meet over 7,500 movers and shakers in the CannaBiz. The show (July 25-27 San José, CA) is 90% sold out, but if you’re just hearing about it now, you have a little more time to get your tickets. We’re psyched to hear from the 150+ speakers and meet new friends in the cannabis industry. We can’t stress how valuable these types of events have been for us this year. It is essential for our industry that we meet each other, work together, and educate ourselves on the ever-changing landscape of cannabis business.

The NCIA’s Resources Don’t Stop There

So you may not have attended this year’s Seed to Sale show, and you may not be able to join us out in San José next week, but you can still take part in the vibrant community that the National Cannabis Industry Association is cultivating. They offer a host of other events, including a Quarterly Cannabis Caucus (QCC) in several regions around the US. You can check out all of their upcoming events here. Our team will actually be attending the Denver QCC in a couple days (July 19th) as we prepare for our trip to San José. If you’re a Colorado cannabis company, this is definitely an event worth attending, and we’d love to see you there!

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